Tiffany had our third son, Roman, sleeping 12 hrs by 11 weeks! We knew that we couldn’t do what we did with our first and second child, we needed a routine and fast with our third baby. Tiffany is full of wisdom and compassion. She sets a plan up and makes sure you follow through, with her daily feedback and accountability. Our whole family is so grateful for her. We may even have baby number 4, just because this time around was so easy, thanks to Tiff! #MiracleWorker “

OC Lydia
Newport Beach, CA 

I work from home, so I knew that having some kind of routine would be essential for our family. I read a handful of books and felt prepared, but when the baby came I had a ton of questions and needed some guidance to get through each day. Tiffany helped us set a regular schedule and coached us through the process. Before Tiffany, our days were unpredictable, and now each day, I can set up my schedule when it is best to work. Our baby girl was sleeping 12 hours by 10 weeks and napping easily, thanks to Tiffany.”

Could I Have That?
Santa Barbara, CA 

I knew I wanted to sleep train our little girl. Having so many on-the-go older siblings, it was important to my husband and I that Ozzy be in a routine. We started sleep training several times with no follow through. At one point Goldie asked us to get some duct tape for Ozzy (they share a room, haha). We decided to wait until school was out and just go for it. So at 2.5 months, we consulted with Tiffany and we began training her to sleep through the night. I was ready to start getting some sleep again myself and lose these bags under my eyes. Tiffany helped us create a personalized schedule for Ozzy, to get her on the same schedule as our household, which was my number one goal. Consistency is key and what works for us. Sleep training is not for the faint of heart, it’s difficult and tests your patience, but it is so worth it for the long stretches of sleep, a happy baby, and happy parents. Thank you Tiffany for helping us through this.”

Salty Lashes
Encinitas, CA 

Tiffany was able to have my 7 week old baby girl sleeping 12 hours through the night after less than two weeks of sleep training. People are amazed when I tell them the story of how I was able to sleep through the night before she was 2 months old because of sleep training by Tiffany. I was at a breaking point and would constantly call on family to help me take care of my baby before I started sleep training, because I was unable to function without sleep. Tiffany made it so that my husband and I get a full night sleep without interruption from our little angel waking us up. Also it was so helpful getting her on an eating schedule too, so I knew what I’d need to bring with me through out the day and even when we travel out of the state. There are no surprises as far as when to feed her or let her sleep with this schedule and I have a happier baby because of it. Tiffany is the best with eat/play/sleep training and I’d recommend her to anyone!! “

Law of Fashion Blog
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 

I honestly never felt like our son was particularly difficult – for an 8 week old baby he was doing just as I had expected, a few tricky hours before bedtime at 10pm and up twice a night to feed. Fast forward 2 weeks and Tiffany had him sleeping through the night from 7pm for 12 hours straight. I can’t thank her enough for creating such a great daytime eat/play/sleep schedule and for coaching me daily through the nighttime schedule, even in spite of the time difference. I think a common misconception of sleep training is that is something negative, some kind of punishment for a tiny baby, but honestly the ethos of Tiffany’s training was probably more about training my husband and I to help Hunter get into a great routine. With Tiffany’s help in healthy sleep habits, he is the happiest, most contented little baby, enjoying all his eats, plays and sleeps. I can’t thank you enough!”

Glasgow, Scotland 

I can’t think of anything more important to a new mom than having their baby sleep through the night as soon as possible. And that is what Tiffany helped me achieve…with ease. Thanks to her amazing guidance, support and knowledge my daughter was sleeping 12 hours a night at 10 weeks! Tiffany knows her stuff and has such a lovely and calm demeanor. Whatever I threw her way she had a detailed answer for it. And she always responded to my many (often panicked) calls or emails right away. It was such a great feeling, and well worth any amount of money, to know that I wasn’t in this alone. And that I had the support of such an expert during this often challenging time dealing with something I really didn’t know much about. My daughter is now 5 months old and is still a champion sleeper. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Tiffany! You are amazing!”

Merci To Go
Santa Barbara, CA 

Tiffany’s services were purchased for our family as a gift from my best friend. Best. gift. ever. SLEEP. The first month of life was chaotic, stressful, confusing, emotional and frustrating for my husband and I. We struggled with latching due to tongue tie which only added to the pressures. I work from home and given the demands at work, I didn’t take much time off at all. By 5 weeks we had mastered nursing so it was a good time for us to tackle the sleeping routine. My husband and I really didn’t know what to expect and truthfully set the bar pretty low. Much to our surprise within 48 hours of beginning the schedule, we had a different baby already. She was thriving off the anticipation of knowing “what’s next” and we were gaining confidence in our parenting skills. What we found most reassuring about the routine was knowing what our baby wants/needs at any given time. There is nothing worse than an unsettled baby and a mom and dad who are sleep deprived and desperate for answers. By 10 weeks she was sleeping 12 hours and here we are at 6 months and I find myself having to wake her up at 7am each morning. This is hands down one of the best investments someone can make in their family/marriage. Truly life changing. Tiffany’s accessibility and expertise was reassuring along the way and gave us the confidence we needed to face each day. I am a rested working mama with a new found enthusiasm for my work and career. We fly east coast almost monthly for work and Tiffany gave us the tools to make for an easy transition each time. We have ourselves a bi-coastal baby who sleeps 12 hours every night! Thank you Tiffany for using your God-given skills to bless others. You are a gift.”

Chief Operating Officer – ScribeAmerica
Bellevue, WA

My husband and I contacted Tiffany at Eat Play Sleep when our daughter was just shy of 6 months old. We had endured long, sleepless nights, we were barely functioning on exhaustion and we were ready for help. Tiffany got back to us immediately and that afternoon started a schedule for us. I was nervous about letting my daughter cry it out since there are so many opinions and ways to go about it, but she coached me through it and explained that while not easy to hear, it will be the best for her in the long run. She was right. We stuck to our schedule and Tiffany would help anticipate what to expect. She was always right on target and when we would have questions or nervously anticipate the night to come, she would set out a very clear and concise plan. Tiffany educated us on the importance of consistency with sleep training. It was tough but we trusted Tiffany. I’m glad we did because our daughter is a champion sleeper! She has two regular naps during the day and goes to bed every night at 7pm. She sleeps through the night and wakes between 7 and 7:15 am every morning. In the very occasional she wakes, she will fall back asleep on her own within just a few minutes. She has learned in a healthy way how to self soothe herself and not rely on hours of rocking her or having to have a pacifier in her mouth. Our daughter is getting the sleep she needs and I am very certain this wouldn’t have happened had we not contacted Tiffany. I highly recommend her for helping you and your little one create a sleep routine that will allow your baby to thrive!”

Celebrity Personal Assistant
Westlake Village, CA

As a new mom of TWINS, there was a lot to figure out, and so many unknowns. One of the topics I was stressing over was managing my boys’ different sleep patterns. I had heard countless times from other twin parents, “keep them on the same schedule.” Thanks to Tiffany, she helped me do just that. From her constant support and encouragement, she guided us through getting them to sleep 12 hours through the night (within 3.5 weeks of starting the program!) and also got us on our daytime schedule. I tell everyone that this was the best thing we ever did, and I would recommend it to anyone with just one baby. Because of our training with Tiffany, the boys know when they will sleep, and so do we. It was so much easier to go back to work knowing that our babies were on a schedule and didn’t have to worry if they were hungry, sleeping, or not content. We knew exactly what their day looked like, while we were at work. This gave us a happy home! Her methodology works, really well. Grandparents, baby sitters and friends are so shocked how easy it is to put them down still to this day, and it’s all thanks to Tiffany. Being a new mom/parent is tough, let her help you!”

Senior Product Line Manager – Deckers
Santa Barbara, CA

Before our son was born, we vowed not to be become one of those couples…You know, the ones who share cautionary tales of ‘barely making it’ through the first year, in a sleep-deprived fog of exhaustion. For this, and a number of other reasons, we decided we would be sleep training our son. It is such a ubiquitous term…sleep training…all of which boils down to teaching our baby to sleep through the night, leaving us to enjoy that great ‘Nirvana’ of parenthood we all search for, yet surprisingly, few seem to find. Of course, all babies and all families are different. And while we don’t subscribe a ‘one size fits all’ approach to parenting, or even sleep training, my husband and I feel that sleep training our son was BY FAR, one of the BEST decisions we have made for the health and well-being of our relationship, our son and our family as a whole. Training our baby to sleep, Tiffany help to provide us with a structured, organized plan during a time that typically feels stressful and disorganized. It also provided my husband and I with the tools to function as a team. Thanks to Tiffany at Eat, Play, Sleep, we are enjoying our happy, healthy, well-rested baby, who knows what to expect each day and sleeps through the night. We will definitely be using the same method with our second child whenever he or she decides to join us.”

Stay Home Mom
Portsmouth, NH 

In the beginning we got a lot of bad advice from well meaning people about how to feed and sleep our baby. I spoke with Tiffany for the first time when my little girl was about 2 months old and I had no idea what to do, how to make a schedule, or how long she should even be awake for. After my first time speaking with Tiffany I had a clearer idea of what needed to happen each day, when to put her to sleep, and when to wake her up. Even though I had read several different websites and blogs, it was helpful to have someone talk through my child’s needs and experiences and get personalized feed back. 

We currently live in Dubai, and travel often to the U.S. and Europe. In my child’s first year we went through several time changes, from 2 hours to 12 hour time differences. I was so worried the first time we did the big trip back to the U.S. (at 5 months old) because I was afraid she would be up all night for weeks. We followed Tiffany’s advice, and she went back to sleeping through the night after just a few days. I feel very lucky and thankful for the advice we got early on from Tiffany. I have friends with kids who have not slept through the night and they are a year, and even 2 years old. I knew I needed to do something different or I would end up in the same sleep deprived state. Thanks to Tiffany, my little girl has been sleeping through the night since she was 4 months old.”

Stay Home Mom
Dubai, UAE

I started working with Tiffany when my son was 11 weeks old. He had suffered with acid reflux pretty bad and due to his need to eat smaller meals and more frequently, we’d fallen into some rough sleep patterns. To that effect he was waking about every 90 minutes during the day and night. We needed some help getting him to sleep longer periods and on a more consistent basis. Tiffany helped us first iron out his eating schedule during the day, which we stuck to. We then enforced the night time eating schedule and the results were great! The first few nights were hard, but with in a few days he got on schedule and the nights got better. We stayed to our schedule and in just a few weeks, our son was sleeping 11 1/2 hours straight. It’s been a great foundation for our little guy and he’s continuing to do so well, now at 11 1/2 months old.”

Sales – Google
Ladera Ranch, CA

I am a mom to Charley (2.5yo) and Noa (14weeks). I met Tiffany through a mutual family friend via email during my pregnancy with my second child (Noa). Tiffany was an answer to prayers. Instantly, I knew Tiffany was something very special. Someone, that I knew was going to bless my family and me. OH BOY… did she ever!!! In a very short amount of time, Tiffany taught me lessons on how to get a toddler to stay in her bed, how to discipline a toddler appropriately and affectively, how to get a newborn on a schedule and to sleep through the night, how to create a mutual LOVE and respect with your children, and perhaps the greatest lesson of all, how to do all of this with GRACE.

Tiffany helped “sleep train” (more like life train) my two girls. Charley, being the 2 year old she is, was having some sleep/behavior issues. Tiffany walked me through some strategies that WORKED!!! I am not kidding, within the first few days I was seeing improvement (less whining, better listening, happier demeanor, etc). I thought, perhaps this was “luck” but what Tiffany taught me was that, it’s CONSISTENCY, persistence, and discipline that creates results. She taught me to focus on the habits rather than “instant gratification.” I have taken Tiffany’s, often difficult (to follow through), advice and have not looked back! I was tired of “negotiating” with my 2 year old. I think my favorite nugget of advise she gave me was, “either she is queen bee, or you are…its your choice”. Since then, Charley has been more LOVING, kind, respectful, and HAPPY. Yes, we all need a little reality check every once in a while. Tiffany was an amazing coach through, what at the time, seemed IMPOSSIBLE to navigate. It was as if I was in the middle of the storm without any compass. Tiffany was our compass (cheesy, but TRUE). I remember sitting outside of my daughters’ room crying, wishing there was something I could do to keep her from jumping out of her crib and screaming uncontrollably (mind you it’s the middle of the night with another baby on the way). Using the information and tools Tiff gave us, we no longer had those issues!! I am forever thankful for her help with my daughter Charley. Now, my daughter knows, when its time for bed…ITS TIME FOR BED. She also knows, what mommy says, GOES. The best part is that Tiffany reminds us that discipline is all out of LOVE for our children that this is necessary. Praise to JESUS that Tiffany is part of our life. Now, on to the newborn…

Sweet Noa Ray was sleeping through the night (7pm-7am) by 10 weeks old. You might be thinking to yourself, “wow, you have good baby…” or “you are so lucky!” I would typically think the same thing, however this is not a “good baby” or “luck”… this is because of TIFF. She is incredible. Bottom line, Tiffany walked me through all the stages she said Noa would be going through. She coached me through what Noa’s schedule was and the goals I should be hitting. Tiffany helped troubleshoot situations that deviated from that goal as well as offered potential solutions to the “random” mishaps. Tiffany was incredible at holding you accountable while also being sensitive to your circumstances. What I think I loved most about working with Tiffany was her incredible knowledge and artillery of tools that she had available to you! As long as your follow EXACTLY what she says, your baby too can be sleeping through the night before you EVER thought he/she could. Noa is the happiest and most content baby because Tiffany has taught me how to meet her needs before she even knows she needs them! Tiffany is such a blessing, and to my family and I.

We are forever grateful for not only for the guidance on our daughter’s sleep and behavioral issues, but also for the big picture stuff! Tiffany is truly gifted as an amazing coach, a knowledgeable expert in the areas of sleep training, and discipline! Tiffany created such a bond of mutual trust and respect that I would often times be in awe of positive things that were happening! I am so much more confident in my decisions I make with my children because I know its what is BEST for them. Tiffany, thank you…from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping us navigate this crazy season of our lives with your amazing knowledge, advise, and grace!”

Personal Trainer
Laguna Beach, CA

Tiffany was the best thing that ever happened to us! Before enlisting Tiffany’s help, our daughter was 9 months old, still swaddled, taking short 30 minute naps, taking at least an hour to put to bed at night and waking up countless times in the middle of the night. Everyone kept telling us that she might just not be a good sleeper but she was tired and cranky and we were at the end of our rope. With Tiffany’s help we were able to get our daughter to take 2 naps a day at least an hour to two hours long and sleep 11-12 hours at night. It was unbelievable! I honestly didn’t think that it would work for our daughter but I trusted Tiffany and the process. Sure enough, after about a week she was sleeping through the night and after two weeks was taking consistent naps. Tiffany gave us a great schedule and countless tips for ensuring a good nights rest. She was patient, kind, professional, and very prompt in getting back to us. We would hole heartily recommend Tiffany and plan on using her when we have a second child.”

Stay Home Mom
Portland, OR

We were referred to Tiffany through a friend, and we approached Tiffany with a unique situation: TWINS! Before Tiffany, we were nearly at our wits end trying to figure out how to get two newborns to nap and sleep at the same time. Once we started working with Tiffany, our life was completely transformed. Tiffany worked closely with us to devise a program and schedule specifically tailored to having two newborns at once, and her program became invaluable to us. She gave us daily feedback on both babies, and she got to know both of their needs and personalities in no time. Tiffany brought us structure and predictability that literally changed our lives. Now, we have happy and healthy twins that impress everyone with how well they sleep, and how long they sleep at night. We are too, happy, relaxed, and sleeping parents that impress everyone with how we are handling two babies at once. Working with Tiffany was by far the best decision we ever made, and I can’t imagine where we’d be without her.”

Mother of Twins
Nashville, TN

I was so excited to have a baby, but I was concerned about getting our new baby to sleep well, especially because I knew I was going back to work part-time after 3 months of maternity leave. I knew that this is what I wanted for my family. With Tiffany’s help, I was able to get my baby girl to sleep through the night, 12 hours by 11 weeks. I also love having my baby on a schedule. It makes me feel like I am still taking care of my baby even on the days I am at work. My husband, mom, mother-in-law and babysitters all love having a schedule as it is much easier to predict what the baby needs. Tiffany enabled my husband and I to enjoy our baby to the fullest and I am thankful for her help everyday.”

Physician Assistant Orthopedic Surgery
Santa Barbara, CA

Our 8 month old was not sleeping more than two hours at a time during the night, and nobody was getting any sleep. We contacted Tiffany through a friend and by the second night our baby was sleeping through the night! We couldn’t believe it. It was a very long 8 months of no sleep, and now we have sleep! It was definitely worth hiring Tiffany because now everyone is well rested and our baby is much happier. We had daily contact and she supported us through the whole process. I’m so thankful I found Tiffany! I would recommend her to anyone who is having sleep problems with their babies.”

Stay Home Mom
Santa Barbara, CA

The first time I heard about parents using a set schedule with their newborns, I kind of laughed and cringed at the same time. It was a short story about a new mother. She was out on a walk, and realized she wasn’t going to make it home at exactly 1pm for the scheduled feed and started running home with the stroller from three blocks away to be able to nurse on time! Does this seem ridiculous? Picture this, and tell me you know moms like this? Well, I laughed at this as I said, and have since been proven my laughter was foolish. But, let me explain. Being EXACTLY on time is not our style, so that part is still funny, but keeping Tiffany’s schedule has been so effective and FUN, I would not have it any other way. This is a short explanation of how we got to where we were before we consulted with Tiffany, and maybe you can relate. From the GUYS side of course!

Our baby girl was heading into four weeks old and doing great. Most days she was happy and sleepy, so being our first, I was thinking we were just going to have it easy. Going into the fifth week, I began to realize her sleeping and eating habits were getting worse and worse. I was really doubting what we were doing and my poor wife, I just expected her to know everything. All the while, our daughter was becoming more and more unhappy day after day. To make things even more complicated we both had to go back to work after six weeks and my mind was not going to be at rest leaving her at home with a nanny and not knowing what is going on. I couldn’t imagine coming home everyday and having the nanny give me a ten minute rundown of the days events and how much she ate, diapers, etc., this was not going to be fun. Face it, we are all creatures of habit, and with that I had to swallow my pride and say yes, I need a schedule, but more importantly, so does my little girl.

Now, this is the most important part of all. If our new baby did not like this, we were going to abandon the schedule after 2 weeks. As crazy as I was getting, it did not matter, it would only be for a season before she would get a little older and more predictable. After 2 days of working with Tiffany, I knew for certain our little baby was HAPPY! Soooo much happier. We wanted predictability, and so did she. Our confidence as parents began to really take shape. There’s a great possibility as parents that even after three kids, we wouldn’t have figured all this out. And it’s all in the little details that make the biggest difference. And from there, it has a complete domino effect. Having people over for dinner now works, going to the grocery store, road travel, and of course SLEEP. Everything seems to fall into place nicely, our marriage is better knowing the times we get to spend together, our baby is no longer suffering from being “overtired”, and we get compliments left and right about how well mannered our little girl is. She sleeps well, plays well, and is SO MUCH FUN!

We all need a hand, especially as new parents. We need goals to meet not only professionally but as parents. We looked at the schedule as a set of daily goals to achieve. Life was a little overwhelming for a couple weeks there, and we had to tell everyone “NO”, we are not planning anything, we are concentrating on our daily tasks. Our lives for the next couple of weeks are hour by hour. Do not ask us about dates other than today until we feel more confident as parents.

Once you have proven to yourselves that this sleep training really works, when someone questions your newly found method, you now have the confidence in your parenting to know when your child is hungry, tired or just wanting attention. Our baby is so much happier, we are happier, we sleep a full nights rest, and we don’t get caught in arguments with each other over someone else’s opinion. My wife, I and our baby have become a team thanks to Tiffany. She helped us get a full night of sleep, put our baby peaceful down for bed at 7pm and our baby wakes up when we get up for work. She helped us create a smooth schedule for our nanny during the week, we didn’t have to wonder when she would be fed or when she napped, we knew what her day looked like when we were at work, which gave us peace to come home to a happy baby. We are forever grateful for her attention to detail, persistence and encouragement. We love you Tiffany, you’re the best!”

Building Contractor
La Jolla, CA

Tiffany was instrumental in helping me train my baby girl, Sophie, to sleep through the night. With her tips and routine advice via phone and email Sophie was sleeping from 7am to 7pm by the time she was 3 months old. Tiffany gave me excellent continuous resources to grow a happy, healthy child with a structured yet flexible routine. Sophie now at 18 months continues to sleep 12 hours a night, and take 2+ hour naps during the day. My family could not have coped as happily as we did during those early months without Tiffany and are continuing to enjoy the benefits of her guidance.”

Recruiting & Admin Specialist – Nuru International
Laguna Beach, CA

I did the complete opposite of sleep training with my first two children, and they never slept through a night solid until way later than 1 years of age. By my third child, I couldn’t survive doing what I did and have no sleep for a year again, while being a working mother of 3. Tiffany started sleep training my Charlie at 3 weeks old. By 11 weeks she was sleeping 7am-7pm. She has been predictable, easy and without fuss ever since. Everybody comments what a happy baby she is and wants to know my “secret.” Tiffany is the “secret”!”

Newport Beach, CA

Tiffany gave me back my sanity! Tiffany was able to help me recognize that at 8 1/2 months we trained our baby to wake up every 3-4 hours for comfort and feeding every night. With a full time corporate job with lots of travel it was becoming increasingly more difficult to function on sporadic sleep. Tiffany helped us get on a schedule and on the first night our baby slept 10 hours straight. It’s been a few weeks now and he’s slept 11 hours every night since we’ve started. Thank you Tiffany!!!”

San Diego, CA

Tiffany came highly recommended by two of my coworkers. As a first time parent, I was excited and anxious as to what to expect from our new arrival. After reading several books, I quickly realized that there were multiple methodologies for creating sound sleeping habits for newborns. Tiffany’s approach was a great fit for our family as my husband and I work full time and could not afford to be sleep deprived. By 8 weeks of age, our baby was sleeping through the night, 12 hours! We can’t thank Tiffany enough and highly recommend her service to any parent who values their rest.”

Sales – ADP
Costa Mesa, CA

Like most new moms I had no idea what to expect when I had a newborn. Tiffany set a schedule and coached me through my routine with my new baby. By following the routine, my daughter learned to fall asleep on her own without assistance and was sleeping from 7am – 7pm by the time she was 11weeks! She started sleeping through the night at a very early age thanks to the advice and routine Tiffany coached us through. Not only did she sleep through the night at a young age, but she learned great sleeping habits along the way and has been a good sleeper ever since. The schedule also gave us a way to be organized and have a predictable day along the way.”

Events Coordinator – Maren Parsons Events
Santa Barbara, CA

Expecting our first child, my husband and I were completely unsure of what to expect, let alone how to create a schedule for our son that would most benefit him. Using Tiffany, gave our whole family a plan that we could follow. We now have two boys and with Tiffany’s guidance, both boys have slept through the night since their eighth week. Our two year old and three month old go down easily, allowing us the ability to schedule our lives without the uncertainty of our boy’s energy levels.”

4th Grade School Teacher
Santa Barbara, CA

Working with Tiffany has been such an incredible experience. From the daytime and night time schedules to the personal communication, Tiffany has been there every step of the way in order to create an amazing routine. We are all sleeping very well and are much happier. I feel I am a better mom because of it! I wish I had known her when I had my first! She has been such a blessing for us and I am eternally grateful!”

The Greek Supply/Erin Patterson Design & Photography
Huntington Beach, CA

Sleep enables us to function properly and live happy and healthy lives. Tiffany helped us do exactly that! In what seemed like a lifetime in newborn days, but in reality was only a short 11 weeks, Tiffany had our 11 week old sleeping through the night from 7am-7pm. She is amazing at what she does and we would highly recommend her to any parents that are looking to build healthy sleep habits for both baby and parent. Thank you for sharing your skills with us!”

District Manager – ADP TotalSource
Ladera Ranch, CA

Our lives as new parents have been absolutely blessed by Tiffany’s guidance! The first few weeks of Laura’s life were amazing, however they were chaotic, and we were constantly guessing why our daughter was crying…Was she hungry, did she have a dirty diaper, or was she just tired? We came to Tiffany for help when she was almost 6 weeks old. Tiffany tailored a schedule to suit our needs, and it became evident that our daughter was sleeping too little, and at irregular intervals. With patience, determination and Tiffany as our coach, our daughter started sleeping through the night on her 3-month birthday, an amazing feat, especially considering we didn’t start working with Tiffany from day one. We were able to put her down for the night after she ate at 7pm and slept until we woke to get up for the day. Our lives were marked previously by chaos and exhaustion, now by order and good sleep. We are no longer guessing what our daughter needs are, as we know she is well fed and well rested. Tiffany continues to provide us insight as our daughter grows, always responding to questions and concerns promptly. We plan to follow her program with all of our children, and definitely could not have done it alone. Tiffany is awesome!”

General Surgery Resident
San Diego, CA

Tiffany was an incredible help to our family to figure out a consistent sleeping schedule and routine. Many of the books I read would list a schedule but did not give a detailed description of how to get on the schedule and stick to the schedule. Tiffany walked me day by day how to adjust our feedings through the night to get our daughter sleeping from 7pm to 7 am after 10 weeks, and that was even after she spent two weeks in the NICU.  She also taught me how to develop a consistent nap schedule. It was very comforting to have someone guide us through the process as first time parents. My daughter is now two and it only takes us one minute to put her to bed and she is still an incredible napper. I believe it is all because of the foundation we laid when she was an infant.”

Physical Therapist
Santa Barbara, CA

Tiffany was a lifesaver! She was able to give me back some sanity! Having a second baby is a lot to juggle and way more tiring than having one child. It’s important to be the best parent you can be and honestly, if you are sleep deprived, then you just don’t have the energy to be as present as you would like to be. Tiffany got us all on a schedule and rhythm and it worked! Our baby slept through the night, 7pm-7am. Be patient and trust her advice. I recommended her to two other friends that have also had 100% success with her.”

Account Manager – Rockwell Collins, Inc.
Ladera Ranch, CA

Tiffany helped me to sleep train my first child, who is now two years old, and my now 11 week old. My second child was completely different than my first, which had me confused on how to support her in the beginning phases. Tiffany provided insight and understanding toward the different phases and hardships she was going through with her sleeping. After a lot of consistency and support from Tiffany my baby was sleeping through the night and knew how to put herself back to sleep at 8 weeks old. I was so thankful to get guidance from Tiffany a second time! Eventhough she had helped me with my first child, I still needed even more guidance and direction with our new little baby. Thankfully through Tiffanys wonderful insight and overall understanding of a babies sleep patterns our little girl is now a wonderful sleeper! “

5th Grade School Teacher
Santa Barbara, CA