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All Posts When Do I Exercise Having A Baby?

Now I have a baby, but how do I fit in getting back into shape? And when? There are different seasons for different kinds of exercise. Whether having your first kid and being able to go for stroller walks/runs, or being your 3rd (or 4th) child and have no time, there are many ways we can fit a work out in as a mom. The key is just start with little steps. Even if its 10 mins or just a walk, just start and make it a habit.
Some Exercise Ideas:
1. Stroller Walk or Run: This is a great way for you and baby to get out and get fresh air, do a nap out and about, and feel like you are getting back to life. Fresh air and movement will bring more sanity to your day and you will thank me and yourself later!
2. Exercise Class: Setting your alarm at 5am-ish to get to a 530/545/6am class sounds dreadful, but I promise you will be happy you did it once you are done. Sometimes once baby is up or the kids are up, your day may seemed toast with having to try and fit in a workout for yourself. Set your alarm for an early morning exercise class, and if baby wakes up at 7am, leave 10-15 min before the exercise class is over to get home for 7am wake up and feed. You will hate when the alarm goes off, but you will be so happy you did it! Bootcamp, Gym Class, Pilates, Yoga, whatever it is, just get up and go!
3. App or Online Exercise Workout at Home: Wether it’s setting your alarm in the early am and going to the garage or a quite room before the kids (cough cough, and husband) gets up for the day, during nap time when a little one is sleeping, or if older kids are playing outside, do a workout outside while they play in the backyard or inside the house. Just get moving and no excuse if you have a napper or not! We all can lose an extra 30-40 min of sleep or one less chore of the house, to be a happier mom and wife, just accomplishing one small workout!
Here are some of my favorite at home workouts:
The Balanced Life – At home mat pilates
The Schatzle Bodyweight Method – At home bodyweight workouts 
* Peloton – Spin, Running, and Strength/HIIT/Bootcamp Workouts
* Studio Sweat – Spin, Running, and Strength/HIIT/Bootcamp Workouts
* FreeLetics – Bodyweight and Gym HIIT Workouts
* Keelo – Strength HIIT Workouts
* Nike Training Club – Strength and Endurance Workouts
Now go and start a workout, even if just a few minutes a day in-between baby crying, in exercise saucer, kids playing in backyard, during nap time or early morning before everyone is up. If your workout gets ruined by baby waking up, don’t give up and start again tomorrow. Every day is a new day! And then contact me so I can get your baby sleeping soundly at nap time :)!