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All Posts 25 Christmas Traditions

It’s about that time of year we start thinking about traditions for the holidays. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of Christmas traditions, some we do as a family and some I would like to include in our traditions this year. There are many lists out there on Pinterest, so I compiled ones I thought were fun to share. Enjoy! 

1. Do a reenactment of the Nativity scene using puppets or can use the Fisher Price Nativity set, and have each kid play a few of the characters.

2. Make sugar cookies and bring to neighbors or friends

3. Make your own advent calendar bags and fill with a craft for each day, an act of kindness to do, or a clue to where some small gift is hidden or a clue to a Christmas themed scavenger hunt around the house.

4. Open a new family game on Christmas Eve and play as a family 

5. Make Christmas Fudge, Brittle or favorite Christmas treat and wrap up for the kids teachers, neighbors, friends and family.

6. Christmas Eve Box – Fill a box for each kid that they get to open on Christmas Eve with Christmas PJs, a book to read, a family game or movie to share, and a Christmas treat to share while watching the movie or playing the family board game.

7. Go look at Christmas Lights together as a family

8. Go to your local Christmas Tree lighting and/or Christmas parade

9. Fill a shoebox as a family or have each kid fill their own for Operation Shoebox Christmas Child to give a Christmas gift to a child that doesn’t have much (look at due date at your nearest droopy location)

10. Make treats, quiche or already made dinner and drop off at local fire station.

11. Leave a hand written card from the kids to the mail man, UPS man, garbage man, or other service men, thanking them for all that they do.

12. Crepe paper the kids doors when you go to bed on Christmas eve so they can burst through in the morning 

13. Make Christmas Tree, Candy Cane or Snowman shaped pizzas on Christmas Eve or Christmas Night 

14. Make Candy Christmas Tree Cones

15. Make a birthday cake on Christmas morning and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat the cake

16. Go on a candy cane hunt! 

17. Go Sledding of some sort. No matter where you live, you can find a Sand Dune or hill at a beach and sled on boogie boards, a grassy hill and go Ice Block Sledding, or if you live where it snows, go snow sledding. 

18. Make a Gingerbread house. Your local grocery store may make it easy for you and make a pre-bake one that you will only have to frost.

19. Get dressed up as a family in Christmas attire and go to your local production of “The Nutcracker” or “A Christmas Carol”

20. Go to a local Nursing/Senior home and sing Christmas Carols (call ahead and ask for permission, time and date).

21. Eat a picnic dinner by the Christmas Tree

22. Have your kids gather 5 or 10 lightly used toys for each child to donate before Christmas.

23. Go ice skating as a family

24. Ask your local church if there is a family in need this Christmas, and ask what their needs are. Bless them with groceries, clothing, gift cards and/or presents for their kids.

25. Buy or create a Christmas Memory Book where you can reflect highlights, memorable moments, milestones, etc that happened that Christmas or year. A place to collect and paste your family Christmas Card each year and reflect on sweet memorable times. 

Enjoy creating memories with your family!

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