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All Posts Fun things to do on Thanksgiving Day!

I thought it would be fun to put up some new and old Thanksgiving traditions we do and some we will try this year. In the midst of chaos of having a newborn or multiple little and older ones around the house, it’s fun to start traditions as your family grows. Here are some of my favorite! Happy Thanksgiving!
2. Coloring Pages for the littles
3. Printable Scripture Verses to put on place settings for ones to read aloud around the table
4. Going around and saying what you are thankful for. Some can write it down in a Thanksgiving Thankful journal what everyone said. It is fun to go back through the years and see how we have grown, struggled and embraced hardship, and found thankfulness that there is always Hope in the Lord!
6. Play a family game like Uno, Scrabble or other favorite board/card game together, creating teams to include everyone.
7. Place in a jar or vase on the Thanksgiving table, “Fall Would You Rather” game and have each one pick one at the table for fun conversation.


Enjoy your family time! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • kim_in_switzerland

    Thank you so much for linking up to the Thanksgiving Scripture Printables. I hope that you enjoy them on your Thanksgiving table this year!

    • Tiffany Jaeger

      Can’t wait to use them on the Thanksgiving Table!

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